Jason Becker’s New Album

Jason Becker has ALS and he’s making a new album. Be a part of it!

Jason Becker is the guitarist/composer who has had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for over 27 years. He is making a new album. In addition to his new music, Jason hopes to demonstrate through this project how support to meet one’s physical needs can mean that even massive physical limitations don’t necessarily equal creative limitation.

Please see more at www.Indiegogo.com

5 Responses to “Jason Becker’s New Album”

  1. Chalene Quinn says:

    I just learned about you and I am so amazed. Honestly I’ve been going thru a bunch of stuff in my life for about the same time but it’s really all drug and stupid related but I’m still alive and kicking and I wanna do and be something epic. Just wanted you to know your story moved me and whenever I feel like I’ve had enough and it’s just too hard… I think of you and know that I HAVE to carry on.

  2. Chalene Quinn says:

    What is it people can do to be a part of your awesomeness ?

  3. Kiley says:

    Simply inspirational and awe inspiring. Thank you and good luck.

  4. Jonah says:

    Love your guitar playing. Your continued creativy is an inspiration to me. I am a former art teacher/artist who had to take an early retirement due to the struggles of having MS. Cant’ wait to hear your new album.

  5. Mickey Hammond says:

    Just watched your documentary, and as sad as it is/was, you are still an awesome, inspirational individual to not just want to give up. I have played guitar/piano for 50+ years, but nowhere near your level. I saw no one had commented, so I just had to. Thank you for your story, and I wish you nothing but the best, and kudos to your folks & friends for their sacrifices, as well. God bless you all

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