Team Becker’s Ebay Shop – With items from the Becker family!



Exclusive merchandise is now available in the Team Becker Ebay Shop!

Stop by and bid today!


5 Responses to “Team Becker’s Ebay Shop – With items from the Becker family!”

  1. Mary Elkins Caldwell says:

    I’m so happy to finally be seeing an official Jason Becker/Gary Becker shop on EBay!

  2. gerard says:

    Hola, jason.Te escribo desde spain para decir que siempre te he admirado desde tu epoca con cacophony y para mi eres una inspiraciĆ³n de fuerza y luz para no rendirse nunca.Que dios te bendiga y gracias por tu ejemplo. AquĆ­ tienes un fan para siempre.

  3. Tonya bartlett says:

    My son Steve is now 20 he weighs 58 lbs and is chronically ill with the diagnoses of CVID, his LRBA gene is not working! He has type 1 diabetes, anemia, malnutrition, and now has legionella pnuemonia! He has a trache and on a ventilator and a gastro feeding tube! Stevie doesn’t want to live this way but doesn’t want to die! He feels God will take him when he is ready! My husband and saw your video when Stevie got his feeding tube but now having the trache as well feel that Stevie should meet you and see that you have a strong will to live and that you can live a normal life! I was so encouraged by your video and feel that Stevie can be to! God bless you and take care! Your music would be very meaningful to Stevie because he plays the guitar as well ! He loves the song “Broken dream!” He can play this among others as well

    • Sam Haghighi says:

      I’m so sorry man. Did you know you can e-mail Jason Becker for a sickness like this. Please do if you haven’t. How is Stevie doing? I hope he is better.

  4. Chad says:


    I’m a huge fan. Does Jason accept visitors in his California residence?



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