“Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet” DVD

When doctors diagnosed 19-year-old rock star Jason Becker with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, they said he would never make music again and that he wouldn’t live to see his 25th birthday. 22 years later, without the ability to move or to speak, Jason is alive and making music with his eyes.

“Jason Becker : Not Dead Yet” is a feature-length documentary film that tells the incredible story of a guitar legend who refuses to give up on his dream of being a musician despite the most incredible odds. It is a story of dreams, love, and the strength of the human spirit.

The film has been made with the full co-operation of Jason and the Becker family, who have given their consent for this to be the first feature-length documentary film about his life. They have provided their entire family archive of never-before-seen photos and footage.

DVD available for purchase for U.S. and U.K.

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Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet" DVD

5 Responses to ““Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet” DVD”

  1. DANY Argentina says:


  2. Hasky says:

    Me haces vibrar cada vez que escucho tu música,eres el mejor…nunca estarás en el olvido…Forever Becker

  3. Sean Murphy says:

    What an amazing special. Truly inspiring how a decision to be strong and positive can spread throughout the world to people you don’t know personally yet have such a profound effect to influence someones life. Thank you for being you!!

  4. TJ says:

    Dear Jason Becker,

    Was in process of waking up today and the channel selected was HBO Canada. Watched the above titled and became aware of Jason Becker. You are an inspiration to all who become aware of you. Not Dead Yet is a must watch for all. Much love and respect from the people of the land north of the 49th parallel. May life continue to fulfill you………..TJ

  5. you are my number one hero for ever \m/

    god please save jason becker

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