DC Music School

DC Music School is proud to be working on the definitive instructional video on the guitar style of Shrapnel recording artist legend Jason Becker, featuring guitarist Max Dible.

Production begins in Fall of 2012 with an expected release in 2013.

About guitarist Max Dible, and Jason Becker’s endorsement of this project.

Max Dible is a long time common friend of Denis Chang and Jason Becker. He has devoted the last 10 years to transcribing Jason’s music, working closely alongside Jason. With access to the mastertapes of Jason’s recordings and Jason’s personal knowledge, Max has been able to decipher all of Jason’s recordings in excruciating detail! Did you guys know about the delay pedal effect used in the Altitudes intro (the shimmering effect that is barely audible at the very beginning) or the Mabel’s Fatal Fable outro? That dissonant melody at the end of Mabel’s Fatal Fable, did you know that it was the “Leave To Beaver” theme played backwards, harmonized in minor seconds? Well Max has it all figured out!

Visit the DC Music School website to get more information and learn how you can help!


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